Friday, November 02, 2007

Terrorizing critical sociology in Germany

German police used anti "terror" laws to arrest an urban sociologist from the Department for Sociology, Humboldt University Berlin. He was arrested because he writes on gentrification, a term used by a militant group that set fire to military vehicles, and he has met several suspected members during public meetings in which urban policy is discussed and criticized. Although the warrant was finally rejected by the courts, the anti terrorist law is still in effect and the threat to critical intellectuals has been made clear. Read more at ozean blogs.

This is a world-wide problem. In the past I have written about the use of anti-terrorist laws and surveillence in England and El Salvador. Up to what point are people willing to give up their civil liberities in the name of security?

Beware of using dangerous terms like "gentrification"


Graeme said...

It is a problem and it hasn't been discussed much. soon, voting for an opposition candidate will be a terrorist act.

Frank Partisan said...

The trend is everywhere. In New Zealand it was used against Maoris.