Sunday, October 07, 2007

Free Burma

Free Burma!

This comes a little late, but then I did not have Internet access on the fourth. While I do not think that putting an image on a blog or even a million blogs will bring changes to Burm / Myanmar, it may help raise and maintain interest in the topic around the world. I am afraid that the country will fade into the background as the news networks find new and more interesting topics to raise their ratings and earnings (like perhaps the bombing of Iran which some groups seem to be rather intent on pushing through).

In any case, you can reach the site in charge of the Free Burma campaign here.

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Frank Partisan said...

The US vs Chinese imperialism is one aspect. On that I'm neutral.

The struggle for democracy is another aspect, that is worthy of support.

Sanctions would have little effect on Burma, since it's so dependant on China and Thailand another military dictatorship, more than countries that would apply sanctions.