Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Photos of Hurricane Felix

A few photographs taken by a friend in the aftected area on the Atlantic Coast.


Frank Partisan said...

Does the government have a plan?

Graeme said...

What a disaster. How is the cleanup process and disaster relief process coming along?

Chuck Bean said...

Very powerful photos. I will link to this site on a weblog I've created to track relief and recovery efforts at http://helpnicaragua.blogspot.com ... post a comment there if you like. - Chuck

Sontín said...

Renegade, the different ministries have their plans, the National Assembly has also proposed a change in the budget to fund the rebuilding, and at the same time, I have heard, try to rope in the money that is being earned outside the official budget from the sale of Venezuelan oil in Nicaragua.

Graeme, projects are being written (I helped translate one of them). The process will not be too quick. Damages to crops, soil fertility and forests will be long term. You can go to Chuck Bean’s blog for more details about different initiatives.

Chuck Bean, I hope people who want to help read your blog. It is a good idea.