Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monks on the march in Myanmar

Tens of thousands of Buddist monks are protesting in Rangoon, Myanmar/Burma. Crowds of over a hundred thousand have turned out in the streets. Some 50 thousand soldiers have been called out but there is no reported violence, yet. See the Gardian's report on it.

UPDATE 28/09/07

Reports are that the army has fired against protesters, closed temples, killed some 200 people including a Japonese journalist.


Frank Partisan said...

Bush's democracy for Burma means IMF and World Bank domination. They should be careful about who are their friends.

Graeme said...

change must come from within. I am in awe of their courage.

Foxessa said...

It's really bad there now, post the army opening up on the priests and the populace.

Love, C.

Sontín said...

Foxessa, I have place a post with links to local bloggers. Things are terrible.

Graeme, I agree that change has to come from within, but it is hard when even peaceful attempts are met with machine guns. It reminds me about the discussion of peaceful protests versus violent protests. When a state is willing to massively shoot down its citizens (like Guatemala in the eighties or Burma today) the only benefit of peaceful protests is if they create enough awareness and public pressure internally (the country threatens to rise up and/or the army refuses to follow orders) or externally (the threat violence from other nations - be it economic or military violence).

Renegade, In this situation I think they would be willing to accept any friends, although the US seems more interested in a war with Iran at this point of time than intervention in Burma. Once the dictatorship is gone, the local people will have to fight for real democracy.