Friday, September 07, 2007

After Hurricane Felix

The sun is shining again. Electricity has returned to Waslala (although not Internet, the server has been taken away for repairs).

In Waslala, some corn fields were damaged and a few houses. What it did do was make us aware of where we are vulnerable should we be hit a little harder. The new ‘old age home’ gets flooded out by a nearby stream, as do dwellings built in old river beds, many houses are built on hills composed of loose dirt that will wash away and take houses down with them and bury others. We really need a process of analysis, training and planning to reduce future tragedies.

The latest news is that there are nearly a hundred dead on the Atlantic Coast. Crop damage, flooding and thousands of houses damaged or destroyed. Bilwi, Sandy Bay and Sasha are among the hardest hit. Palm trees are flung across the ground like match sticks. The process of rehabilitation y rebuilding is starting as is the process of mouring.


Frank Partisan said...

The photo says everything.

zooms said...

Felix brought me to your blog, I am glad that he did that.
Hurricanes change your perspective on life, keen your loves, priorities and values.
Highlight your strengths and weaknesses,
make you vex,
transform your beliefs,
-where you find the essence of your spirit.
Like it or not.

If you think it appropriate, I would like to send some paper and crayons for children to express themselves. It's not much but....

Sontín said...

I remember when Hurricane Mitch hit Nicaragua in 1998. At first there was no news because there was no communication or travel possible. Then day by day, the reports came in. 30 dead, 100 dead, a thousand dead and others missing. I was translating for the Red Cross at the time. The relief workers found people still alive, burried up to their heads in mud after two days. When it became impossible to bring in the bodies for their families to identify, burning teams were sent out with gasoline filled backpack tanks. It is disturbing and surreal to see the black oily smoke raising up into the sky.

Zooms, if you would like to send paper and crayons I will make sure it gets to children in the affected zone.

zooms said...

Where to send them?

Sontín said...

Zooms, you can them to:

Vivas Hernández
APDO A-225

zooms said...

Thanks, I'll do that , may take a while, not sure which direction the post goes in.

Sontín said...

Zooms, takes anywhere from a week to five months to arrive .. I will let you know when it gets here.