Sunday, June 24, 2007


There is an interesting article on biofuel in Argentina at Latin American Activism.

In Nicaragua, the government has vocally supported Chavez's position against BioFuel, however it has also started conversations with Brazil on the subject and there has been some heavy investment to reactivate an old Palm Oil plantation and processing plant in the Atlantic Coast.

Palm reading to tell the future?

The energy crisis (in Nicaragua we now have blackouts throughout the country every day, athough that is only partially a product of international oil prices) will continue to worsen as oil reserves run out. We need to look not only for technological answers, but also changes in the global system of production and consumption. Any proposal for an alternative economic model to capitalism will have to take this into account. Biofuel, cheap oil through ALBA, scraping the tar pits of Canada are only short term solutions to a problem that will continue grow in severity.


Aaron A. said...

Like General Motors in America.

It seems governments only plan for the next six months, not the next six decades.

Marie Trigona said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. biofuels is a big cloud hovering over Latin america and the rest of the third world. Another form in which the US hopes to exploit third world resources to quench its thirst for energy fuel. interesting blog and interesting debate. saludos solidarios.

Sontín said...

Part of the problem is governmental mioptics, but there are also very powerful interests with huge amounts of resources involved in the current mode of production in general and the oil buisiness in particular.

Thank you for your comments Marie, your blog is always interesting to read.