Monday, January 22, 2007

The snake, the pig and the duck: electoral propaganda for preschoolers

I found this example of electoral propaganda on YouTube. It was put on TV by the US supported Liberal split-off party ALN "Alianza Liberal Nicaragüense". The snake is supposed to be Daniel Ortega of the FSLN, the Pig is ex-president Arnoldo Aleman, leader of the right-wing PLC "Partido Liberal Constitucionalista" and the duck is his presidential candidate José Rizo. Even if you do not speak Spanish, you will be able to observe the high level of political debate that surrounded the elections, dealing with the concrete problems that face one of Latin America's poorest countries. It is also worth mentioning that it is homophobic as "pato" (duck) is slang for gay and used to offend.


Frank Partisan said...

Political discourse is the USA, is slightly more sophisticated.

The TV pundits ask which candidate would you rather have beer with.

Frank Partisan said...

At my blog, Marie Trigona posted about Argentina.