Wednesday, September 27, 2006

"Armados" in Chilamate

An armed group of is terrorizing the community of Chilamate Kum. At least one of the members of this group previously was a volunteer policeman and had severely beaten a youth who was the nephew of a local religious leader. Two months ago they tracked down the same youth and killed him. They dress in camouflage carry assault rifles. They have threatened to kill anyone who denounces them.

If the police do decide to try to capture them, and if they do succeed in doing so, it is most likely that the perpetrators will be free with a few days and then return to the community looking for vengeance. The lack of institutional justice is always frustrating, but it is tragic when you know the people involved.


Frank Partisan said...

Interesting post about a subject not often discussed anymore.

Nicaragua is not mentioned anymore as "hot button".

Atleast this blog exists.

Sontín said...

Thank you Renegade Eye. It is true that Nicaragua is no longer seen as the hotbed for crazed communist guerrillas threatening truth, freedom and capitalist exploitation, nor is it the favored project of the international left. However there is a fair amount of official US government interest that the Sandinistas do not return to power. At this point of time, with a month to go before the national elections and the right wing liberal party divided in two, the FSLN is ahead in the polls. The Sandinistas have also divided in two parties the FSLN and MRS (Movimiento de Renovación Sandinista), but the second is very weak in comparison to the first. Politically of course nothing is as clear cut. The candidate for vice of the FSLN is from the Liberal party, some leaders of the Contra and Somoza’s National Guard have also joined the project. The debate is mostly mudslinging and populist proposals. That is representative democracy.

Frank Partisan said...

I was looking for your election analysis.

Who is in Damiel Ortega's body? Where is the real Daniel?


Sontín said...

Renegade Eye,

I just put up a brief message about the elections I will write more about the process and about the FSLN soon. It is interesting to see how calm Ortega has been during the campaign. Most of the other candidates spent their time insulting him and throwing up messages about the war. He ignored it all and just talked about peace and reconciliation. He has a contra as vice president, walks hand in hand with the rightwing catholic hierarchy and had his party vote in the National Assembly to get rid of a 100 year old law that gave women the right to an abortion if their lives are in danger. It is a strange change from the Ortega who six months ago called out to thousand gathered in a square to celebrate the anniversary of the Revolution and said: "It there was a war between the rich and the poor. If there was war between the rich and the poor, the poor would win. Because we the poor are many, and the rich are few."

We will have to see which Ortega appears once he is in power.