Thursday, July 27, 2006

Political Swinging in Nicaragua

An article by Andrés Pérez Baltodano appeared in the Opinions section of El Nuevo Diario today. In it he quotes Jaime Morales Carazo’s acceptance speech from when Morales became the official vice-presidential candidate for the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN). Morales has long been a member of the right-wing Liberal Party and was one of the principle advisors for the ex-president Dr. Arnoldo Aleman, currently under house-arrest after being convicted for corruption. In his speech, Morales explains his new political vision:

I confess with an open and modern mentality that I do not locate myself – not to the right, nor to the left, nor to the centre – because I have been convinced by a long process of real deeds that to generate economic progress and social advancement for all, with reconciliation, stability and peace, the pendulum of times and movements of societies and history oscillates from the right to the left, necessarily passing through the centre. It does not stay in the extremes nor immobilize itself in middle. Were it that way, time would not be dynamic.

So now will the FSLN, Nicaragua’s traditional left, spend its time ‘swinging’ from right to left with it’s new ex-right vice-presidential candidate?

Morales: a Political Swinger?


Anonymous said...

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HV said...

Anonymous left a link for pregnancy tips on your cellphone. Sontin, is there something you're not telling me?

Yeah, I always get suspicious when people call 'left' and 'right' labels and say they no longer matter. Left-wingers never say that; I've only heard it from the right. True, it's from a particular kind of right: a managerial, new-labourish right wing that claims there are no contradictions in capitalism, and thus no need to oppose it. But, by accepting the miseries of capitalism as it is, and denying capitalism any systemic logic, this 'beyond ideology' view is right-wing. In fact, by refusing even to name capitalism (because that would entail being for or against it), it's extremely right-wing.

I think its only use is to force the left to be clearer about what we are. Bourgeois categories like collectivist vs. individualist or state vs. free market don't help us much here. I prefer starting with 'we're against private propoerty', for the flowering of the individual through collective action. The only ism available for that is socialism :-)

Sontín said...


I agree that any "end of history" or end of ideology discourse is ultimately a right-wing one. What it makes me wonder is what can be left of a self pronounced "left-wing" party that promotes it.

As for the pregnanacy tips ... are they talking about the birth of new left-wing radicalism or a new ex-left ex-right pendular "lets let the world continue as it is" party?