Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Death and life

Water drips to the songs of frogs and distant dogs, quiet, after the violent drums of unrestrained torrents of water falling upon the zinc roof.

Both harsh and soft, brutal fury and gentle beauty.

Life is everywhere, but last night a young nurse died,

because her blood tests came out wrong

(We are not even sure that the place she had her tests done has a trained lab tech)

because the local hospital has no blood bank

(Even if they did, we are spending more time without electricity than with it as the newly privatized electricity company, the government and consumers' rights organizations fight and oil prices soar to the rhythm of bombs in the Middle-East and capitalist growth)

because the new ambulance is broken and being repaired

(After years of fighting to get an ambulance, we received two and now both need repairs. The National Constitution states that access to health care is a right, however the spending on health per capita keeps on going down as the governments of turn promote private health care.)

because the road to Matagalpa is in such bad condition that it takes four hours to cover the 116 km to the nearest hospital that does have conditions,

because later the doctors did not risk a blood transfusion without tests, and by that time there was no electricity.

She was twenty-one years old, and her daughter, husband, parents and friends grieve on the other side of Nicaragua.

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